Marylin Mon Amour (1982)

Marylin Mon Amour (1982)



* Olinka Hardiman plays Mitzi
* Laura Clair plays Yvonne
* Maria Granada plays a model
* Chantal Trobert plays a model
* XNK0321 plays a model, possibly as the Eliane credited on the DVD
* XNK0322 plays Mirna, Renato’s girlfriend, credited as Maria Granada on DVD


* Gabriel Pontello plays Renato, Olinka’s ex-husband
* Antony Ray plays Dan Butler, an actor
* Gerard Gregory plays Roger Vandel, a producer
* Eric Dray, uncredited, plays the cafe owner in the last scene
* Andre Kay takes part in the orgy with the models
* Dominique Aveline takes part in orgy with models
* Pierre Martinelli takes part in orgy with models

Movie Size: 776MB
Run Time: 1:16:45
File type: avi
Resolution: 704×464




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