Adorable Lola (1981)

Adorable Lola (1981)

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Alternate Titles

* Journal intime d’une jeune fille en chaleur
* Lolita Call Girl (Germany, Love Video)
* Lolita, A Insaciavel

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Duration: 80:35
File format: XviD
Resolution: 640×480


* Elodie Delage uncredited
* Laurence Boutin plays woman on train
* Marilyn Jess plays Claire
* Mika Barthel plays Claire’s mentor


* Pjotr Stanislas
* Jacques Marbeuf plays Claire’s father
* Andre Kay plays a stable-boy
* Gabriel Pontello
* Dominique Saint-Claire (Gil Lagardere)
* Gilbert Servien plays the client
* Olivier Mathot (non-sex) plays a man on the train

Marilyn Jess is a high class call girl and remembers how she became one as she prepares for her next client. A country girl, she learned her skills from an older woman (Mika Barthel, with some assistance from a masked woman) and Pjotr Stanislas, Gabriel Pontello and Gil Lagardere. Several of the practical lessons are shown, including a scene in a small plane with Gabriel Pontello.

There are also sex scenes for a brunette on a train (XNK0647) with Pjotr Stanislas, who strips out of a priest’s outfit and seduces her by licking his own penis while curled up on the opposite seat, and an auburn-haired woman by a car (Elodie Delage) and the same woman in a horse-box (with Andre Kay and observed by the Marilyn Jess character, Claire).


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