Women Behind Bars (1975)

Women Behind Bars (1975)


A small-time hood brings the attention of the law with an insurance scam and diamond theft, but things become even more interesting when his moll murders him and is slammed behind bars where she faces all manner of electric shock treatments to various parts of her anatomy.


This is a somewhat interesting film since Franco decided to concentrate more on the jewels rather than the behind the bars stuff. There’s still some dirty moments including tons of nudity, a lesbian scene and a couple torture sequences but this is still fairly clear for a Franco WIP film. Romay has never been accused of being a good actress but she fits her role fine here and she’s certainly cute so watching her naked isn’t a problem. Franco himself plays a gangster in the film, which is a role he did quite often during this time frame…

Director: Jesus Franco
Cast: Lina Romay, Martine Stedil (as Martine Steed) and Nathalie Chape

Lina for a long time was Franco’s common law wife until they ofiicially wed on April 23, 2008.
She died from cancer Feb 2012. She was 57.

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