Doin’ the Harlem Shuffle (1986)

Doin’ the Harlem Shuffle (1986)

Also Known As
Doing The Harlem Shuffle

Studio (Distributor)
Caballero Home Video (Caballero Home Video)

Paul G. Vatelli


* Angel Kelly [Facial IR]
* Mauvais DeNoir [IR]
* Sahara
* Trinity Loren (as T. Barnes) [IR]
* Taija Rae [IR]


* Billy Dee
* Joey Silvera (as J. Silvera)
* Jesse Eastern (as Jessie Eastern)
* NonSex Performers
* Frank Styx (as F. Styx)
* Paul G. Vatelli (as P. Vatelli)
* Philip Loplan
* S. Butz

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Angel Kelly, Jesse Eastern
* Scene 2. Mauvais DeNoir, Joey Silvera
* Scene 3. Trinity Loren, Billy Dee
* Scene 4. girl, guy
* Scene 5. Taija Rae, Billy Dee
* Scene 6. girl, Sahara
* Scene 7. girl, guy
* Scene 8. Taija Rae, Joey Silvera

Description: “The sleazy, teeming back-streets of Hard-City U.S.A. hold the carnal keys to the most blatant sexual experiences imaginable…especially when you walk into Rosie’s Place. In this den of iniquity you’ll find the most luscious, succulent hookers around (including black-sensation Sahara!) … and plenty of high-balling action to go with it! Raunchy Rosie runs the joint and tends to the demanding and lascivious desires of cops, politicians, high-rollers, and low-life criminals. It’s life in the raw, like you’ve always wanted a glimpse of. Now you can see it all… in Doin’ The Harlem Shuffle.”

Run time: 77min
Resolution: 480×352
File type: wmv
File size: 393mb
Language: English

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