Une Femme Honnete (1981)

Une Femme Honnete (1981)


Released: 1981
Director: Michel Berny as Michel Barny
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel

Alternate Titles
* French Flesh DVD available USA, dubbed, DVD Classic X
* Lady’s Desire Color Climax, Blue Climax 453 (minus in undergournd car park)

* Carole Pierac plays Mary’s friend (sounds like Dolly)
* Dominique Saint Claire as Dominique Sainclair, plays Mary
* Elisabeth Buré as Katia Belin, plays the maid
Males –

* Ghislain Garet plays George, Mary’s husband
* Gabriel Pontello plays Oliver, Dolly’s boyfriend
* Jean-Pierre Armand plays the car thief / rapist who turns out to be George’s friend

Mary and her husband have sex. Mary goes out and is assaulted and by a man whom she finds him trying to steal her car in the underground car park beneath her apartment. Mary rings up friend Dolly who comes round with her boyfriend, Oliver, to comfort. Mary and dolly have a g/g session in the bathroom while Oliver seduces the maid. Then he joins Mary and Dolly for a threesome.

Later George invites a friend over and it turns out to be the rapist. Mary faints, but this also turns into a threesome.

Download the alternative version here

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