Sky Pies (1985)

Sky Pies (1985)


* Elaine Southern
* Gina Carrera [LezOnly]
* Misty Regan
* Nicole West [Facial]
* Pamela Jennings [LezOnly]
* Raven
* Stacey Donovan


* David Sanders
* Greg Rome
* Marc Wallice
* Miles Long (as Miles)
* R. Bolla
* Ron Jeremy
* Sasha Gabor
* Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. girl, R. Bolla
* Scene 2. Nicole West, Marc Wallice
* Scene 3. Elaine Southern, David Sanders
* Scene 4. Gina Carrera, Pamela Jennings, Raven
* Scene 5. Raven, Tom Byron
* Scene 6. Misty Regan, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 7. girl, Miles Long, Sasha Gabor
* Scene 8. girl, Greg Rome


Fly the “Friendly Skies” is more than sufficient in describing this delightfully sexy 1985 film offering. The film was actually filmed on a real 747 jet aircraft, and features a crew of amorous pilots and sumptuous stewardesses who are ready and willing to initiate their passengers into the fabled “Mile High Club”! From Ticket Agents getting it on under the counter to Airport Security Guard, Tom Byron pre-screening two lovelies before flight, the sex gets even hotter when the plane takes of into the wild blue yonder! The stunning Gina Carrera and shapely Raven go out of their way to please everyone on the passenger list, while passengers Marc Wallice and the deliciously endowed Nicole West waste no time in joining the club with a scorching coupling that steams up the compartment portals! Inevitably, the entire airplane explodes in a free-wheeling mass cluster-fuck! You know this is no ordinary airline.welcome to Sky Pies – for the trip of your life!


84m 37s
544 x 400

Oron Download: – 502.0 Mb – 197.5 Mb

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