Les Enfilees (1979)

Les Enfilees (1979)


File size:777Mb
File type:avi
Duration: 01:18:38

Released: 1979
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Notes: Blue One DVD (1 hr 19 mins) with Esclaves sexuelles sur catalogue and Les Plaisirs fous

Brigitte Lahaie (in a black wig) plays the woman on the revolving bed (La femme au lit tournant)
Brigitte Verbecq as Melody Bird, plays the woman in the bathroom (La femme de la salle de bain)
Morgane plays the wife (La femme)
Valerie Martin’s as Veronika, plays the dumb woman (La femme muette)
Males –

Alban Ceray plays the husband (Le mari)
Rocky plays the virgin (Le puceau)
Jacques Gatteau, as Yvan Renaud, plays Yves
Dominique Aveline plays the man with white gloves (L’homme aux gants blancs)
Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan, plays the man in the last encounter (La derniere rencontre)

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