Hot Flashes (1984)

Hot Flashes (1984)


File size:939Mb
File type:avi
Duration: 01:15:46

Director: Zebedy Colt, Leon Gucci

* Beverly Bliss … Oral Girl
* Crystal Breeze … Valley Girl
* Desiree Lane
* Dorothy Onan (as Joy Merchant) … Joy
* Karen Summer … Glenda
* Kristara Barrington
* Lisa Lake
* Mauvais DeNoir
* Tracy Duzit (as Nicole Blanc)

* Dan T. Mann
* Don Fernando
* Francois Papillon … Pierre
* Jimmy Starr … David
* Joe Elliot
* Jon Martin
* Nick Niter … Frat Boy #1
* Shone Taylor
* Steve Powers
* Zebedy Colt … Kenny Charisma

Imagine turning on your television — and getting turned on! Well that’s what happens when you tune in WSEX Channel 69, the erotic cable channel
that offers a lot more than just the news! Featuring three of the most gorgeous anchorwomen to ever tease a teleprompter. HOT FLASHES takes you
into the world of sexual discovery and beyond! Human interest, sports and man-on-the-street interviews take on a whole new light as the WSEX staff
put their all (and more) into their jaded journalistic adventures. This overtly educational experience culminates in a very wet montage of
climactic proportions! And that’s only part of the action in this wall-to-wall fleshfest — or shall we say, “Flashfest?”
It’s HOT FLASHES — and that’s the way it is!


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