Belles deun soir (1976)

Belles deun soir (1976)


File size:684Mb
File type:avi
Duration: 01:17:06

Director: Claude Mulot as Frederic Lansac


* Brigitte Lahaie plays Doris
* Cristel Lauris uncredited, plays a a replacement girlfriend
* Katia Heimerton uncredited, plays a replacement girlfriend
* Martine Grimaud plays Martine
* Veronique Maugarski plays Mimi


* Gilles Karl, credited as Karl, plays Francis
* Louison Boutin plays Dick
* Alban Ceray plays Antony (Martine’s boyfriend)
* Dominique Aveline plays Luis (the girls’ live-in housekeeper)
* Hubert Geral plays Jose (actor in adverts)
* Guy Bonnafoux plays Rothman (Doris’s patient)
* Tony Morena plays Mr. Samuel (the girls’ landlord)
* Herve Amalou plays Etudiant (man picked up in cafe by Martine?)
* John Oury, uncredited, plays the client who takes his son to take photos and lose his cherry
* Michel Dauba plays the client’s son
* Daniel Bellus plays the director of the commercial shoot, nonsex

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