Baby Face (1977)

Baby Face (1977)

In many ways, VCA gave this the “Alpha France treatment”, i.e. they restored the print with brighter colors and a sharper image, but they also trimmed some scenes. See description below for details.

Then again, Alpha France also released this film and “outdid” VCA by improving on the image quality and shortening the film even more.

TVX DVD runs 01:45:10 (NTSC) poorest image quality, but uncut
VCA DVD runs 01:31:18 (NTSC) better image quality, but 14 min. cut
AFra DVD runs 01:12:20 (PAL) best image quality, but 30 min. cut
[for comparison, 01:12:20 PAL = 01:15:20 NTSC, allowing for PAL speedup, approx. 4%]


File size: 1.02 GB
File type: MP4/x264
Run time: 01:31:18
Resolution: 720×480

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