Spaced Out (1971)

Spaced Out (1971)

Sorry, no actual cover art. The movie is included in the Sex In The Seventies: The Times Square Store Front Collection, so I put that cover up.
This movie is courtesy of stosh, who converted it from videotape and posted it over at VEF. With his permission, I’m posting my links to it here. I’ll also use his summary of the movie, since it is better than anything else I found:
Cleo and Jamie need some dope, but don’t have the cash. Bert, the friendly dealer, works out a deal with Cleo. Meanwhile, Jamie visits a couple for some weed and a threesome. Jamie eventually decides he doesn’t like the arrangement with Bert, but when he comes for Cleo, she can’t tear herself away from Bert, who throws Jamie out. Later, though, poor Cleo can’t live with herself and comes to a tragic end.

Cast: Suzanne Fields, Mycle Brandy, Gerard Broulard

Format: WMV
Run Time: 46:31
Size: 578MB
Resolution: 720 x 480


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