Lulu (1980) – Walerian Borowczyk

Lulu (1980) – Walerian Borowczyk


Director : Walerian Borowczyk


Anne Bennent – Lulu
Heinz Bennent – Dr. Schoen
Jean-Jacques Delbo – Dr. Goll
Hans-Jürgen Schatz – Alwa Schoen
Michele Placido – Schwarz
Bruno Hübner – Schigolch
Beate Kopp – Baroness Geschwitz
Carlo Enrici – Monsieur Hunidei
Pierre Saintons – Kungu Poti
Udo Kier – Jack the Ripper
Carla Angeloni – Lulu’s sister

Year : 1980 (11 June 1980)
Res : 720 x 576
Len : 82min
Size : 782Mb
Video codec: XVID
Audio: MP3 stereo
Language: French (no subtitles)

Lulu, the amoral femme fatale is the central character of Der Erdgeist (1895) and Die Büchse der Pandora (1904), by the German playwitter Benjamin Franklin Wedekind. Originally writen as a single piece it was later split in two separate plays. The main reason why the Lulu plays were divided into two separate works was that the last two acts involved lesbianism and prostitution, which were at that time too touchy subjects for the stage.

This is the inspiration for the 1929 movie Die Büchse der Pandora by Georg Pabst and for this 1980 remake by Walerian Borowczyk.

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