Les Clientes (Mädchen Mädchen Mädchen 2) (1983)

Les Clientes (Mädchen Mädchen Mädchen 2) (1983)


Alternate Titles

* Bordel pour femmes (Blue One DVD)
* Girls Girls Girls 2
* Girls Girls Girls Teil 2 (Germany, Tabu-Love DVD)
* Mädchen Mädchen Mädchen Teil 2 (Germany, Beate Uhse Video)


* Cathy Stewart plays Cathy
* Doucheka plays second client
* Elisabeth Buré non-sex, plays the intermediary (l’entremetteuse)
* Julia Perrin plays the shoplifter (la voleuse)
* Marilyn Jess plays Mme Lumière
* Sharon Kane non-sex, plays Sharon
* XNK2825 first scene of German release, not in French version
* XNK2828 housemaid to Richard Lumière
* XNK2829 wife of curly-haired friend of R.Lumière
* XNK2830 gang-banged woman

The Blue One DVD opening credits also list a “Christine Xire” who is probably one of the three unknowns in this version: XNK2828, XNK2829 or XNK2830

There is also an unknown black woman in the final scene who arrives with Carmelo Petix, and who appears to briefly suck Guy Royer’s cock, but her head is blocking our view and it may be faked. Also the mother of Dominique Irrisou, who sits in a back room knitting (non-sex).


* Joey Silvera
* Eric Edwards
* Dominique Aveline plays the owner of an antique shop, “l’antiquaire”
* Richard Lemieuvre (Richard Allan) plays Richard Lumière
* Jacques Marbeuf, gang bang scene, plays “l’homme en smoking”
* Dominique Irissou, gang bang scene (arrives with mother)
* Pjotr Stanislas, gang bang scene, plays “le rocker”
* Guy Royer, gang bang scene
* Carmelo Petix plays “le fiancé” (non-sex)
* Jacques Couderc, gang bang scene but non-sex, plays “le clochard”

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. XNK2825, Joey Silvera [not in Fr. version]
Scene 2. Cathy Stewart, Joey Silvera
Scene 3. Julia Perrin, Dominique Aveline
Scene 4. Doucheka, Joey Silvera
Scene 5. XNK2828 (solo, brief pee)
Scene 6. Marilyn Jess, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera
Scene 7. XNK2828, Richard Lemieuvre [not in Fr. version]
Scene 8. XNK2829, guy
Scene 9. XNK2830 (gangbanged), Joey Silvera, Eric Edwards, Jacques Marbeuf, hippie, Dominique Irrisou, Pjotr Stanislas, Guy Royer

File specs

H.264 (x264 core 105 r1724)
1.09 GB
720×576 (no cropping; plays at 720×540)
2464 Kbps
25.00 fps
PAL 4:3
Qf 0.238 bits/pixel

audio: AAC, 96 Kbps VBR, stereo, 48.0 KHz

x264 settings (bluray compliant)

–level 4 –preset slow –tune film
–crf 20 –b-pyramid strict
–open-gop bluray –fake-interlaced
–keyint 50 –min-keyint 2
–vbv-maxrate 15000 –vbv-bufsize 15000
–aud –nal-hrd vbr –sar 47:44

deinterlaced with QTGMC

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