Daddy Doesn’t Know (1984)

Daddy Doesn’t Know (1984)

(from the back cover):
While the cat’s away, the mice will play!
Daddy doesn’t know just how wonderful his family really is! Meet Mom, played by the sleek Karen Summer. Her efforts to help local fund raising always pays off, but her eagerness to raise her skirt raises more fun than money can buy. Then there’s Sis played by Cara Lott. With her horny girlfriend, the exotic Lei Petite, she devises clever ways to bed the local boys that will tickle any man’s fancy. But first comes Brother played by Marc Wallace. He is always ready and willing to help out around the neighborhood. But he wasn’t ready for the hot and nasty Mrs. Miller played by Dorothy Oh! She shows him things he has never dreamed of…in explicit close-up detail! This is one suburb where the sex is fast and furious. In fact the family affairs are so outrageous we have got to make sure that…Daddy Doesn’t Know!

Cast: Karen Summer, Cara Lott, Lei Petite, Dorothy Onan, Lynn Ray, Marc Wallice, Shone Taylor, Woody Long, David Sanders

Director: Bruce Seven

Format: AVI
Run Time: 1:30:03
Size: 1.03GB
Resolution: 480 x 360
Video quality: pretty good

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