Ma mere me prostitue/Pigalle Girl (1982)

Ma mere me prostitue/Pigalle Girl (1982)

Director: Francis Leroi
Alternate Titles :
Die Madchen vom Place Pigalle West German video on-screen title
Die Madchen von Pigalle West German video box title
Pigalle Girl Shendene screen title, perhaps the German title
Le Ragazze di Pigalle Shendene DVD with I Like to Watch (American)

Actresses :

Brigitte Verbecq as Melody Bird
Christine Black uncredited
Isabelle Brell
Lise Pinson as Nini Sulfure
Mascha Mouton as Mascha
Nicole Segaud as Helene Shirley
Patricia Santos plays a participant in a porn film shoot


Gil Lagardere as Dominique Saint-Clair
Jacques Dales
Olivier Mathot, uncredited, non-sex
Andre Kay, uncredited
Gabriel Pontello, uncredited
Claude Valmont, uncredited, plays the client in the peeing scene
Jacques Marbeuf, uncredited, non-sex
Jacques Gatteau, uncredited, plays one of the tramps
Victor Semama, uncredited
Michel de Nyokinos, uncredited
others unidentified

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