Baby Face (1977)

Baby Face (1977)

Alex de Renzy (Femmes De Sade, Pretty Peaches) was one of the greatest directors of adult films ever, his career starting in the late 60`s and proceeding well into the 90`s. So saying that Baby Face stands as his crowning achievement is no small praise. This ranks as one skinflick that truly has it all – a complete storyline, fine production, and a couple of decent acting performances and some of the hottest sex scenes ever assembled in a single movie.


* Amber Hunt [IR]
* Angela Haze
* Desiree West [IR]
* Kristine Heller [Anal Facial IR]
* Linda Wong
* Lyn Malone [Facial Bald]
* Marion Eaton [Facial]
* Sandy Pinney
* Unknown Female 323-A [Facial]
* NonSex Performers
* Amber Rae
* Unknown Female 323-B
* Unknown Female 323-C

* Blair Harris
* Dan Roberts
* Joey Silvera
* John Leslie
* Ken Scudder
* Paul Thomas
* Turk Lyon
* Unknown Male 323-A
* Unknown Male 323-B
* NonSex Performers
* Alex DeRenzy
* Otis Sistrunk
* Unknown Male 323-C
* Unknown Male 323-E
* Unknown Male 323-F
* Unknown Male 323-G

* Scene 1. Angela Haze, Dan Roberts
* Scene 2. Lyn Malone, Dan Roberts
* Scene 3. Angela Haze, Dan Roberts
* Scene 4. Amber Hunt, Linda Wong, Dan Roberts
* Scene 5. Desiree West, Paul Thomas
* Scene 6. Amber Hunt, Desiree West, Paul Thomas
* Scene 7. Sandy Pinney, Dan Roberts
* Scene 8. Unknown Female 323-A, Joey Silvera
* Scene 9. Kristine Heller, Dan Roberts, Joey Silvera
* Scene 10. Angela Haze, Kristine Heller, Blair Harris, Dan Roberts, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Ken Scudder, Paul Thomas, Turk Lyon, Unknown Male 323-A, Unknown Male 323-B
* Scene 11. Marion Eaton, Dan Roberts
* Scene 12. Lyn Malone, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas…/baby-face.htm

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