Young and Innocent (1981)

Young and Innocent (1981)


These seductive teens have been studying hard to be the best little teen fuck holes they can be and they’re more than ready for corruption. Watch these up and cumming sluts mount some of the biggest cocks in the biz to get their daily fill of jizz!

Brooke Bennett (as Brooke Bennet)
Ginger Jay (as Jinger Jaye)
Lisa B. (as Lisa Bee)
Robin Sane
Tamara West [BJOnly]
Tiffany Clark

Alan Adrian (as Alan ‘Spike’ Adrian)
Matt West
Ron Hudd
Ron Jeremy
Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Lisa B., Ron Hudd
Scene 2. Brooke Bennett, Ron Jeremy
Scene 3. Ginger Jay, Ron Jeremy
Scene 4. Robin Sane, Alan Adrian
Scene 5. Tamara West, Matt West
Scene 6. Tiffany Clark, Ron Hudd
Scene 7. Robin Sane, Tamara West, Tiffany Clark
Scene 8. Brooke Bennett, Lisa B., Robin Sane, Tamara West, Tiffany Clark, Alan Adrian, Matt West, Ron Hudd
Format: AVI
Run Time: 1:13:06
Size: 590MB
Resolution: 416 x 320

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Young_Innocent.part1.rar – 400.0 Mb
Young_Innocent.part2.rar – 189.8 Mb

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