Kis Bekari (1978)

Kis Bekari (1978)

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the flirtatious wife of a writer’s lover with güldürüsü. Married screenwriter (Let the glass), conflict with his wife, Dudu. is to leave the house. Meanwhile, gangsters chasing Haley (Canan Ceylan), writer’s refuge in his house. Make up a lie to stay at home. Hale senaristen rapprochement between them begins. However, writer’s aunt comes home one day. Aunt, sees bride for the first time, introduces as his wife, screenwriter This time the repair work in the home, Shabana (Yuksel Gözen) income. Saban recognizes the writer’s real wife. Returning home cabinets can not understand a thing. Dudu (Dilber month) when we go back home one day, everything is revealed.

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