Frauen ohne Unschuld (1977)

Frauen ohne Unschuld (1977) aka Women Without Innocence

Format : AVI
Runtime : 01:16:59
Size : 829MB

Lina Romay is found, naked and bloody in a luxurious house and is promptly taken to a mental institute. The doctors and nurses meant to take care of her aren’t exactly who they seem and a mysterious figure, clad in black, circles the premise at night, offing nubile young women. Who is it and why is he/she doing it, and why is Lina Romay always close-by witnessing it when it happens? Franco raises a lot of interesting questions that keeps the viewer intrigued for the duration of the feature presentation. Franco this time incorporated some thriller/slasher elements and made the film all the better for it. Acting-wise it’s pretty much business as usual – bad! But the girls are beautiful and naked… and let’s face it, that’s what these productions were all about. The photography is simply stunning, although a few instances can be seen where there seems to be vaseline smeared on the lens of the camera, but it really isn’t distracting. An entertaining little Franco-gem. Sure, it’s mainly for the fans but if you’re looking for a way into the Franco universe, this is as good a place to start as any…

Lina Romay, Muriel Montossé and Michael Maie

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