Fickfreunde in Paris (1978)

Fickfreunde in Paris (1978)


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Duration: 01:12:37


Released: 1978
Director: Claude Pierson as Paul Martin

Alternate Titles

* Big Lovers West Germany, Mike Hunter, probably same film
* Fickfreunde in Paris DVD available Mike Hunter DVD title
* Nous deux, on ne pense qu’à ça
* Nous on ne pense qu’à ça
* La Pute et l’émigré
* Sesso in delirio


* Cathy Stewart
* Diane Dubois
* Liliane Lemieuvre


* Richard Lemieuvre
* Guy Royer
* Cyril Val
* Alban Ceray

Lemieuvre and Royer arrive in the city and seem to ask a hooker about where they can find a hotel. She takes them to her room and a threesome is in progress when Cyril Val walks in, dressed in black shirt and white tie, presumably her pimp. The scene becomes a foursome.

Val takes the two men to a large house. They climb over a gate and get in to a room which turns out to be Cathy Stewart’s bedroom. Stewart discovers Royer and thinks he is her boyfriend. She has sex with him while Lemieuvre hides behind a curtain. Then he is discovered and there is a threesome with a faked DP. Meanwhile Val waits for the pair’s return.

The the two friends go off to a ski resort and hire a chalet. They go to bed, but there has been a mix up. They are in the wrong chalet and, in the dark, the two rightful occupants – Diane Dubois and Liliane Lemieuvre – return. However, they all four agree to share the one double bed and it isn’t long before the sex action resumes. (Evidently this is a companion film to Bouches expertes.

All of them go back to the city and to Val’s house (who knows why?). Val is sitting on a sofa with Claude Janna. A sixsome develops.

In the middle of this Alban Ceray arrives and arrests and handcuffs Lemieuvre and Royer, but Ceray is seduced by Diane and Liliane and now the orgy numbers seven participants.

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