Cloud 9 (1994)

Cloud 9 (1994)


Asia Carrera, Barbara Doll, Felecia, Racquel Darrian, Derek Lane, Steven St. Croix
Racquel is a young spirit who just can’t seem to move onward and upward, because the man in her physical life can’t seem to get over her. So she does what any thoughtful ghost would: she helps him find another lover, and in the process, they help each other to some of the hottest action since Racquel lit up the screen over a year ago. It all happens in Cloud 9, featuring a supporting cast chosen by la Racquel herself; the beautifully exotic Asia, the so very French Barbara Doll, and the wonderfully erotic Felecia, in a story that will make you laugh and cry, and wonder how any woman can be as beautiful as Racquel Darrian. Let the spirit move you. Straight to Cloud 9.

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Duration : 01:07:41

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