Back to Anal Alley (1994)

Back to Anal Alley (1994)

Country: USA
Language: English

Genre: anal
Director: Mark Stone
Description: : Director Stone is still feeling his oats with the 501 Jeans influence and opens this trilogy of scenes with the spotlight literally on Brad Armstrong. Armstrong winces throughout a dizzying variety of camera sweeps and talks anal-tough, trying to look like one of the bad guys in Reservoir Dogs. Brad talks about what it’s like to be fucking the same old girl (one is to presume, Dyanna Lauren). Yes, Brad. We’ve got thoughts on this subject, too. Brad does Dyanna in the ass, doggie style, with a key light thrown on them for the center ring effect.
Christina Angel is about to get her butt invaded for the first time (or so she says). To guide Christina along her journey of discovery are Celeste and Lynn LeMay, two wholesome zen-like schoolgirls if there ever was a pair. They tell Christina that anal orgasms are the best, but from this point on, it becomes a matter of distinguishing whose ass is getting the orgasm with bodies, limbs and peripatetic motion seeing the tone of the scene. Christina gets it up the butt with a dildo, but Celeste seems to be the one doing the trick with the anal beads. Whoa.
In an outdoor setting, Jay Ashley tells us that it’s a beautiful day for fucking Kaitlyn in the ass. Thank you for the Vin Scully impersonation, Jay. Kaitlyn who always delivers a fabulous scene, no matter what, delivers once again as Jay, after a series of deft body maneuvers, signals his readiness for a doggie plugging. Great ass shots of the lovely Ms. Ashley as she puts a perfect score on the board.
A very entertaining tape with tons of personality—stock with confidence.

Cast: Celeste, Christina Angel, Dyanna Lauren, Kaitlyn Ashley, Lynn LeMay, Brad Armstrong, Jay Ashley

Type of file: AVI
File size: 795 MB | Run time: 01:22:54 | Video: Xvid 768×576

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